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buy Issue 4Issue 4: Identity
In the final issue of Method, we take stock of what science says about us, and what we think about science. What beliefs motivate the pursuit of certain lines of knowledge and not others? How does science create certain identities while precluding others? What can science tell us about who we are and the world we live in, and where does that inevitably fall short?


cover3Issue 3: Fictions
From its earliest beginnings, science has been driven by imagining what is not yet possible and conjuring what is not yet known. What role do fictions play in the doing of science? How does science fiction shape the aspirations and fears of science itself? What relationship do scientists have to fiction, and vice versa?


cover2Issue 2: Visions
The scientific process makes the invisible visible. How did science change as scientists built new tools for seeing? How do scientists consider the future-in their assumptions, forecasts, and hallucinations? Whose visions guide these predictions, and whose don’t? How do they decide what to look for?


Women in Science Tote Bags



Featuring Marie Curie, Shirley Ann Jackson, Rosalind Franklin, Barbara McClintock, Grace Hopper, and Hedy Lamarr. Check out our store page to order.

Issue 1: BoundariesIssue 1: Boundaries
We put up boundaries within science — separating people, disciplines, and careers. We also put up boundaries between science and everything else. How do we create and enforce these boundaries? What separates science from art? From pseudoscience? From technology? How do we cross boundaries? How do we break them down?